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  1. concept

    Even the girls have pretty much just met.
    The only man here is you, the protagonist.
    Naturally, the girls are wary of you at first. As the lone man and a member of the dorm community, you begin this story by having to earn their trust.

  2. concept

    As you spend time together, the girls open up to you, changing their opinions and attitude toward you. Since you're living under the same roof, you'll have ample time with them. Once you've taken that first step, who knows what stories you'll experience.

  3. concept

    Living in a dorm naturally means that you'll start to see each girl's goofy side. They may not want to hear your dirty jokes at school, but at home, it's as if they're dying to talk about sex! They talk about dieting, but then they're up raiding the pantry for a midnight snack! And what's wrong with a girl who hates cleaning and housework? The true charm of living together is learning to love both their charms and their quirks.


How are you gonna earn those girls' trust? You'll have to pick one of four manly jobs.
At the start of the game, you'll choose a specialty, a job to fill around the dorm that will help you win the trust of these strangers.
There are plenty of mini-scenarios to enjoy for each role!



  • ハウスワークイメージ

    You'll be in charge of groceries and cooking.
    Sometimes, you dabble in cleaning and gardening.

  • カーペンターイメージ

    You'll handle day-to-day carpentry and physical labor.
    It's up to you to fix up this shabby girls' dorm and help make life easier.

  • エンターテイナーイメージ

    Help the girls kick back and liven up.
    Bring harmony to the dorm by making things fun!

  • セキュリティイメージ

    Help maintain dorm safety.
    Exterminate all threats to its residents.
    Sometimes, pick the girls up in the car.




As you grow closer to your chosen heroine, she'll let you into her room as a token of her trust.
With her consent, you can see what kind of manga she reads. If you're sneaky enough, you could even look in her closet or drawers! You might even find things that they don't want you to see, or that they don't mind but are embarrassed by... and more!
Here, you'll get to see a lot of otherwise-unseen reactions from the girls.